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   Once again you got our
   plant out of trouble,  we
   were back online making
   cans before days end.

   Dear Astro Tool,

   Just a short note thanking
   Astro Tool for working
   through the night  on our
   tooling.  We were able to
   make our deadlines and
   keep our customer out of

  Gary, Rose
  It is always a pleasure
  dealing with your company.
  I always get a friendly voice
  and not a recorded message.
  It makes doing business a
  lot easier.

       Efficiency                  Reliability                   Integrity                  Quality
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1-Monarch 75 20"x72" between centers

1-American Panther 18" x81 between centers

1-American Panther Chucker 15" dia.

These Machines are equipped with General Electric Mark-Century    1050 CNC controls







1-Monarch 45 VMC-GE 2000 Control 30"x18" table 

   15" Vertical Head Travel, 40 Tool Automatic Changer

1-Monarch 75 VMC-GE 1050 Control-20x40" table

   21"Vertical Head Travel, 40 Tool Automatic Changer

1-Hurco Machining Center-Conversational Control 




                            JIG BORING & JIG GRINDING


1-#3 Moore with Sine Plate and Walhaupter

1-#3 Moore with 6" Riser & Jig Grinding Attachment

1-#1 1/2 Moore- Equipped with Advance Cross Slide,

    Rotary Table Walter Dividing Table, & Indexing Heads

1-#3 Moore Jig Grinder




                            CYLINDRICAL GRINDING


1-Studer CNC Siemens Control OD+ID 14 x 60

7-#3 Brown & Sharpe Universal Cylindrical Grinders

    with Electrolign 14" diameter up to 60" between centers

1-#3 Landis 14" diameter x72" between centers

1-#3 Cincinnati Universal 12" diameter x 48" 

    between centers

1-#1 Morara Universal Cylinder 16" diameter x 60"

    between centers

    Cylindrical Grinders Equipped with In Process             

    Automatic Sizing Dial Snap Gages.

    Arnold, Federal & Mitutoyo.

    Up to 9" diameter.

    Diamond & Borazon Wheels for Special Materials.




                            CENTER GRINDING


1-Overbeck- Henninger Center Grinding Machine

    up to 59" lengths




                            INTERNAL GRINDING


1-#2EF73 Cincinnati- Heald Sizematic 10" diameter I.D

1-273-A Cincinnati- Heald 10" diameter I.D.

1-350-1 Overbeck 6" diameter I.D.

1-Eitel 40 ton straightening 7 foot length




                          RADIUS GRINDING


1-350-IR Overbeck Automatic Radius Grinder

2- Cincinnati Monoset Radius Grinders

1-IR400 CNC Overbeck Automatic Radius Grinder




                                ROTARY GRINDING


1-Cincinnati Heald Rotary Grinder 16"

1-Arter Rotary Grinder 16"




                                 SURFACE GRINDING


1-ELB 14" X 36" with Automatic Wheel Compensator

1-Brown & Sharpe 6" x 18"

1-Do-All 6" x 12" Equipped with Harig Fixture &

    Radius Dresser

1-Grand Rapids 14"x 46"

1-Grand Rapids 16"x 48"

1-Thompson Surface Grinder 8"x 24"




                            ENGINE LATHES


4-Ikegai's 18" diameter x 48" between centers

3-Monarch K16 x 54" between centers

1-Monarch 24" diameter x 96" between centers

1-Monarch 20" diameter x 54"

1-Meuser 16"x 50" between centers

1-Celtic 14"x 30"

1-Clausing 13"x 30"

1-Do-All 16"x 50"

1-ROMI 25" diameter x 80" between centers

1-Wacheon 24"x 120"




                                 MILLING MACHINES


9-Bridgeports Equipped with Automatic Feeds and 

    Privo Vises




                                CUTTING EQUIPMENT


1-Marvel Cut Off Model 15A Automatic Feed 

    16" diameter

1-Marevl Cut Off Model 15 Automatic Feed

    14" diameter

1-Marvel Cut Off 6" Gap.

1-Do-All Contour-Matic Band Saw

1-Do-All Contour Sawing $ Filing






1-Sunnen Hone with Automatic Stroking Attachment

1-Supfina SE 30 Dual Head Polishing Unit




                        INSPECTION EQUIPMENT


1-Jones & Lamson Optical Comparator and Measuring

    Machine 14" Screen

2-Brown & Sharpe Electronic Hite-Cheks

5-Sets Mahr Self-Centering Bore Gages ,.700" to 10"I.D.

6-Sets Mahr Indicating Snap Gages ,.375" to 10" I.D.

2-Sets Intrimiks ,.200" to 5" I.D.

    Various Micrometers up to 20."O.D.

    Various Verniers to 60." lengths

1-Brown & Sharpe CMM